Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wolf Whistles!


I remember, I remember how, many years ago,
Men were allowed to whistle, instead of saying 'Hallo'.
I was far from glamorous so it didn't happen much,
But I enjoyed being whistled at by labourers and such!
I didn't find it demeaning, in fact I felt quite pleased.
I felt it was just another way of being, sort of, teased.
No harm ever came of it as far as I could see
And I'd continue on my way as happy as could be!
I suppose for the really glamorous it got to be a pain,
But I always had to wait a while before it happened again!
Now why was the Whistle called a Wolf's, that's had my consideration.
Wolves never whistle, do they? So why that appellation?
Well, we've got to go back a bit, to a time of inequality,
When bedding the nearest female was the cause of some friviloty!
'The Day of the Wolf' was a festival that was held in Ancient Rome,
Where Romulus and Remus, the twin boys, in the legend, made their home.
They had been nurtured by a wolf, or so the story went,
And so a celebration was the obvious intent.
The Latin name for 'wolf' is 'lupus', as I'm sure you knew,
So choosing a name to echo it was the obvious thing to do.
On the day of the Lupercalia, later called Valentine's Day,
The Priests would smear themselves with blood, a goat's blood, so they say.
The Februa, the womenfolk, would sit round on the hill,
And the Priests would take strips of goatskin and hit them with a will!
All the blood-smeared 'ladies' who 'enjoyed' these fun and games,
Would then be taken to a box, in which they placed their names.
Then, the so-called 'gentlemen' would have a lucky dip!
And, to put it mildly, the whole lot would 'let rip'!
Nor did the 'jolly hockeysticks' last for a day, no fear!
The poor benighted ladies were shacked-up for a year!
Maybe some enjoyed it but I'm glad I wasn't there!
There are many casual gentlemen for whom I would not care!
So that's how the name of 'Wolf' came down to all predatory men.
Let's hope that we don't all regress to Roman times again!
I'm sure, of the two eras, I'm happier with mine.
Maybe it was that behaviour that sent Rome into 'decline'!
The whistle? Well that started in 1952.
It was just a variation on the vocal sound 'Whoo-hoo'!
And now they've gone and banned it! Something I used to treasure!
Young girls walking the streets today are missing-out on pleasure!

Another approach to boy-meets-girl here:


Patty said...

Really ejoyed this poem. I to am glad I didn't live back in those days. LOL

quilly said...

I used to enjoy receiving the occasional whistle now and then, but it was required that one act indignant. ;)

Anonymous said...

The Roman description reminds me of Caligula ***shudder***. It's sad how something seemingly so unharmful, can be taken as such.

Leslie: said...

Wow, that was a fascinating history lesson done in rhyme! I used to get whistled at, too, but like Quilly says you had to act indignant. Secretly though you were going "YES! I'm HOT!" LOL

Hildred said...

Well, I didn't know all of that, but it's very interesting. And I'm sith you, - I never minded being whistled at!

spacedlaw said...

It's been banned? Not in Italy at least...

Q said...

That was so very fun! Thank you!
Not only did I learn a bit but I had fun reading your lesson outloud...
The birds loved it too!

Kat said...

Kicking myself for wasting all these years behaving gentlemanly..!!!

here's a piercing Wolf-Whistle for you PHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

p.s. awaiting the 'indignant' act/reply :)))))

Anonymous said...

interesting piece. thanks for reporting it. guess I don't quite agree but made for interesting reading

Ella said...

Holy Moly~ Whoa...I had no idea
Your poem was enchanting and scary and all things wolf like!
I'm whistling ;D
Well Done and I loved learning about the wolf whistle~

Unknown said...

Wow! Neat history. I love the gently humor here.

rch said...

Very interesting story and a good funny poem, really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I need to whistle at more women, then! Enjoyed the scope of this poem--thanks for taking us on this lupine lope through history :)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is a very cool response to the prompt. I vaguely remember those days, and how we'd act irritated but be secretly pleased. Hee hee.

Sarav said...

Quite an impressive story and all in rhyme! Wow. Love knowing the history of words--thank you for this wonderful poem :-)

Sam Jamieson said...

Nice job with your rhyming!

Karen said...

I love this! It was instructive, playful, and clever...topped with wonderful rhyme! Love it!