Monday, June 15, 2009

Shooting to Kill!


A lantern light from deeper in the barn
Shone on a man and woman in the door.
'Come in , come in' young William Corder said
'We'll spend a night of passion, that's for sure.
We'll marry in the morning, my sweet love.
Tomorrow we will flee away from here;
Our coming child will bear my noble name!
You'll be an honest woman! Never fear!'
Maria Marten entered in the barn,
She thought she would be wealthy and quite grand.
She looked for love-light in his blazing eyes!
Too late she saw the pistol in his hand!

(A true story!)

More melodrama here:


quilly said...

Aye, is there anything worse than a lying lover? Now I am curious about the whole story!

Anonymous said...

I think they did a movie about this, back in the '30's? Chilling tale...

LA Nickers said...


Here's the original poem:

jabblog said...

There's a lesson there for all romantic young things. Nicely expressed.

Kat said...

Sigh..... in 1827 they didn't have frisking and security checks..!!!

If so, the lady would've lived after entering the Red barn :)))

Jim said...

"Said the spider to the fly, come into my ... "
This may have been one of the first fatal attraction poems in history.
Happy RT, this is a good post. Different from the run of the mill. I have a RED quiz on my Jim's Little Blog for you.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Very interesting. There is nothing new under the sun!!

marian said...

what a great post!..i was intrigued and chilled to the bone at the same time!

Hootin Anni said...

You've definitely piqued my interest!!!

My RT is posted, I do hope you can find some time to visit---------