Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Peachy Perfection?


This peach rose will know no wilting
Since it comes from the art of quilting.
And no predator will settle 
On each plump and perfect petal.
This flower will never fade to brown
And, to the sad earth, tremble down.
This bloom will never know a thorn
Or stand resplendent by a lawn.
And, even when she has to fade,
She'll change to another pale peach shade.
So is there cause for discontent?
Yes! This is a rose without a scent!
Unless some girl who wears perfume
Should come across her in a room,
And press her to her eager face,
Thereby leaving a scented trace.
Then this rose will be, I feel,
Half as sweet as one that's real.

(I'm rather proud of this picture, taken near the Murray River recently. So much for drought!)

Quilters are mentioned here:


quilly said...

What a very visual poem this is! I read it like watching a scene. Incredible well done - -and in rhyme, too! And the rose photo is lovely.

Kat said...

How proud the Peach-Rose stands against the sky.

And was delighted to read its qualities too.