Sunday, June 7, 2009

Out of the Shadows!



Today I realise a dream!
Today they're celebrating Steam!
For months I've lain incarcerated,
Just a relic, under-rated!
But it's the Steam Fest day today.
All old steam 'things' shout 'Hooray!'
Farm machinery long neglected,
Just for today is resurrected.
Puffing Billies of every sort
They normally never give a thought!
There's even a Jazz Band joining in
Creating a really joyful din.
And the vintage cars are have come to see
Another part of history.
Here I go! Into the light!
See the spectators to the right!
This is my one day of the year
And all the Railway Buffs are here!
Out of the shadows see me puff!
One day can never be enough.
More appreciation of the antique here:


Margaret Gosden said...

Great shot! Trains aside (the grandchildren love them) I do like to see interesting silhouette shapes defined by the dark tunnel.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful, Brenda. From the engine's point of view. Oh to go chugging down the line; watching all the on-lookers gawk in amazement! Happy day :)

quilly said...

I imagine that is just how the train feels, cooped up all year long waiting for one special day.

I must tell my love, a jazz band trumpet player, that his horn is powered by steam -- proof that he is full of hot air! (I'll tell him you said it!)

The Explorer said...

nice shadow

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