Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lost in the Bush


asks for a blog entry based on the idea

This is one of Australia's most famous paintings. There were many cases of children being lost in the bush and this painting captures the mood of  isolation and the muted colours of the gum trees beautifully.


To go or stay?
This track or that?
Where is the sun?
Which way is home?
The air is growing chill.
I want my Mother.
I stand still
And yet I spin.
I turn on a circle
And the overhanging branches 
Make a circle above.
Something rustles
In the undergrowth.
Is it a snake?
I never thought of hunger before.
Being hungry meant
'Fancying something to eat'
This gnawing pain
Is different.
It terrifies me.
Are they looking for me?
My throat is sore from screaming.
No-one heard.
How will I keep warm?
Already my hands are icy.
How will I lie?
On the grass?
Up against a tree trunk?
Will I sleep?
Will I wake?
Will they find my bones in years to come?
Come slowly.
Stay away.
Someone find me!
A poem about another kind of loss here:


Diligent Daydreamer said...

very beautiful I loved the imagery and really felt for your mian character

Dr.John said...

Great poem. It brought back childhood memories of when my sister and I gott lost in the woods.

starbender said...

It is so easy to get lost in the woods. One day I took my young son for a walk. I walked straight back, turned, and came straight out, lost! That sure didn't work for me. hahahaaaa.

Darlene said...

It's terrifying to be lost in the woods. Poor child; I hope he was found as well as all the other children who got lost.

Kat said...

the thoughts that can run in someone's heart, lost in the woods brought out so well.

Hope the Govt. teaches the kids on the 'do's and 'dont's' to be safe.