Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ivory in Ivory


The colour 'ivory' was tricky. I wanted to avoid elephants. And then I found this historic picture which, I think, suits the colour in two ways!


Florence Ivory, my dears, a dentist of renown,
Pictured in her surgery, in her working gown.
And ivory is the photograph that someone took of her
For this was 1917, and that was how things were.
Sepia always brings a certain melancholy air,
Because it makes it harder to pretend that we were there.
Colour-photography blares forth and seems so up-to-date,
But sepia demands we gaze and really contemplate.
We become aware of Florence and we realise that she
Was one female among dentists and quite a rarity.
What mad ambition drove her to study such a craft?
No doubt the other ladies looked a bit askance and laughed.
And look at that machinery; those nasties made for drilling!
And what if there were burly men who thrashed about, unwilling?
How did she cope with all those roots that needed such brute force?
For the helping hand of pain relief was very rare, of course.
She looks a girl to reckon with, and so does her assistant!
I'm sure one could rely on them if pain were too persistant!
Your history, in Pittsburgh, is quite unknown to me,
But I like this ivory picture, dear Florence Ivory.

You may have to hunt for the dentist here:


Poopsie aka Blue said...

Wonderful take!
I have to confess that elephants in the form of a 1930's broach will feature in my post!

Best wishes

Roan said...

I really liked the poem, which fits perfectly with the photograph.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Great poem!! and pic.


Irene said...


Kat said...

How well portrayed. A torture equipment and the sweet honey bee Florence Ivory..!!