Saturday, June 20, 2009




One day in summer I espied this little girl at play,
Swimming in the shallows on a lovely sunny day.
She'd been told to keep her hat dry, of that I'm pretty sure,
For Australian children learn when young what a good sun-hat is for.
They're protected from the elements, and cosseted and cared-for
But I tremble when I think about what they must be prepared-for.
See! Out on the horizon, a coal-ship on its way
Carrying coal to China. We see them every day.
We export our pollution, the coal that others burn,
But maybe in the future all the problems will return;
When the seas invade our coastline and our heat becomes intense
We may regret our actions and then wish we'd had more sense!
So enjoy the happy life-style you've been born to little one!
I hope you're never threatened by the sea or by the sun!

One way in which Australia holds back the tide here:

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Kat said...

depleting the natural resources and causing imbalance is sure going to affect this planet.

Future is unknown. Live today, export coal to China today :)))

Looks everyone is philosophical - atleast the decision makers.