Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodbye Little Michael.


He's making a sign saying 'It's O.K.'
But that is not our mood today.
We say 'farewell' to a talented boy
Who brought the whole world very much joy.
However his future came to pass
He was a performer with style and class.
Without a doubt he was too young to die.
Michael Jackson, we say 'Goodbye'.

Another short, blemished life here:



Too young to die, definitely. I shall never forget the cute lad of the Jackson Five, whom I used to love in our Manchester days.

Shannon said...

Thank you for the nice little tribute to a truly great entertainer! I'm glad we have his music that will, no doubt, live on forever! In fact, my lil' girl was asking me who's Michael Jackson, right before she went to bed... I will be sharing some of his music with her in the morning! :)

Lisa @ Serah's said...

I am deeply saddened by this loss also. We will always have Michael in our hearts. Such a tragedy for him to go so soon.

Anonymous said...

Nice tribute. I caught this on the telly, yesterday afternoon. My server almost shut down from the 'net traffic that ensued!

Margaret Gosden said...

Yes, he had it right - "We are the world..." What a performer - he was at his best on stage.

Winifred said...

Nice tribute Brenda. Spot on! He was lovely and brought so much pleasure to people with his music. He had such talent which will live on long after him and hopefully people will remember all the good things.