Sunday, June 14, 2009


Margaret Gosden
thought she photographed a beach.
I saw Eternity.

God with a digital camera?
Why not?
I see him leaning down from heaven
Touching the basic materials!
Here, we will have a river.
The sun is a little small;
I'll work on that.
Those ridges will make huge mountains!
I see sproutings
But they have come too early
And they should be green.
I didn't intend it to look
Quite so moist!
Maybe a few more days of drying.
Those clouds were
A stroke of genius!
That's next!
One element missing;
What can it be?
Ah yes!
An amoeba would be nice!
Then what?
More on Creation here:


ChrisC said...

Love your posts! And I love the photo,too!

Margaret Gosden said...

Indeed. then what? There is much that is hidden in the sand, as the children discovered. If there is another big bang, life will go on, different species will evolve. Thus, I believe in your idea of eternity, but not in your idea of a God painting a picture, surely in jest, I take it! He's dead, and she with the digital camera will one day be dead, too. But there will always be pictures of how things were and visions of what might have been, true or false. That is for the next generation to sort out. Thus, a tongue-in-cheek rime(?) about a mark in the sand gets, unexpectedly, a serious response!

Margaret Gosden said...

Correction: I mean Genesis, NOT Eternity!

Kat said...

An amoeba would be nice!
Then what?

Knowing you're a hardcore agnostic, let's wait and watch what this amoeba develops into..!!!