Sunday, June 21, 2009


suggested this beautiful drawing.

I have no problem with these hands; 
They're drawn with the deftest touch.
But the manner of the artistry
Worries me very much!
Did the artist have a model?
I think he did without;
The nearness and the intimacy
Put someone else in doubt.
No, the hands belong to Escher,
I'm absolutely sure.
The proximity is definite.
See each wrinkle, vein and pore!
So, if these hands are Escher's
We then need to decide
Where was the artist's leading hand?
 On the left or the other side?
The drawing of the right hand
Is clear and firm and bold, 
But that's not the hand holding the pencil!
The left is the one to hold.
The left hand looks quite awkward!
The pencil-grip is strange!
He wanted to draw with his left hand
But he had to make a change.
So, although the right hand looks so firm,
And the left almost distorted,
I think Escher was a South Paw!
There! I'm glad I've got that sorted!

Something very lovely happened to hands here:


quilly said...

LOL! This is one of my favorite Escher drawings and I have had many thoughts about it, but never once did I stop to ponder which had was which or which hand was dominate!

Nickers and Ink said...

This is so quirky and creative and fun!

Kat said...

that was a handful analysis :)))