Thursday, June 25, 2009




Thinking of 'green' for a Thursday I saw the EXIT light;
It was rather small, I thought, and it wasn't very bright.
It wasn't foliage or grass, or any growing thing;
It wasn't anything brilliant like a shiny emerald ring.
But it was green! It would have to do until I found a scene
That was definitely, absolutely, a growing, graceful green!
Maybe I'd chance upon a tree with a blazing verdant glow
Or I'd find myself a little frog with it's colours all on show.
But when my photo was 'blown-up' to a better-looking size
I saw more greens in the picture! I couldn't believe my eyes!
A school-group, off to the theatre, had made my shot complete
As they stood behind each other and waited in the street.
They call it serendipity! And I know what they mean!
Chance, in the form of some school-boys, had given me my green.

A very different theatre here:


quilly said...

Serendipity is such a bemusing thing!

Mari Meehan said...

How wonderful!!

Kat said...

the coincidence is unbelivable. You look for Green and it presents itself in bulk..!!!