Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Champion Knitter

drew my attention to her piece about her mother.

It was so charming I had to 'versify' it.


See the gentle lady sitting,
Knitting, knitting, knitting, knitting.
Making Nino a dress I think
It's very pretty in blue and pink.
Starting as a young girl bride
She took knitting in her stride.
In sixty years she's made them all....
Dress and bonnet, coat and shawl.
Knitting really lovely pieces
For husbands, cousins, friends and nieces.
Wool that's chunky, wool that's fine;
Everything to her own design.
More great-grandchildren on the way?
A layette started that very day!
Slip-stitch-over, plain and pearl;
She made a dress for this little girl.
For sure she stood-out in a crowd
And made her Mother very proud.
How very lucky the children are
To have a knitter just like Ma!
Years may pass but the memory lingers
Of such hard-working knitting fingers!

A memory of my own mother here:


Jo said...

I love this verse, Brenda. What an amazing garment is knitting. Not to mention the one on the little girl in the picture. I'm an avid knitter myself but nothing like this lady - wow!


Brenda, how charming!

quilly said...

This is wonderful verse and a great tribute to knitters!

Maiji said...

Brenda dear, thank you so much for your verse and rhyming words. Maybe I am good at knitting, but can never make rhymes like you do - so simple yet so beautiful. Do write more and more rhymes and make all your readers happy.

Maiji said...

P. S.
Any fool can knit like I do,
But not all can write like you do.

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Ram-a-krishnans suppliers of woollens said...

Maiji's Knits and Brenda's Pearls

Knitting words, telling a story,
Lines strung out in rhyme,
Has our woolly-headed mum
Finally found her partner in crime!

Meenakshi said...

Great Knitting and Great Poetry. Kudos to both of them

Meenakshi said...

Great Knkitting and Great Poetry

kallu said...

Brenda, you are fantastic. Words seem to just flow from you

Swarna said...

Perfect verses for a perfect lady from another!