Tuesday, June 9, 2009



(Blogging Friends.)

Ruby Tuesday comes around
And look at the redness I have found!
Two lovely people from far away,
Whose beauty will surely light your day.
Red for T-shirts, red for car,
Each one a shining ruby star!
Kat is a blog friend I've known a year,
So I'm proud to show his children here.
Two lovely people, without a doubt.
This is what blogging is all about.
The world is small these days because
In cyberspace India's next to Oz!


quilly said...

I have made so many great friends blogging -- I even pulled up stakes and moved to Hawaii with one of them! I doubt that he and I would have ever met if it weren't for cyberspace.


How nice - and what a sweet gesture of friendship

Kat said...

Dear Brenda,

Am so touched to see our kids in your blog. Their names are Tolstoy and Tharaka. They're going to be thrilled seeing your lovely poem.

Thank you, Thank you so much.... You've made our day.

I wish I was a king. I would've removed my precious pearl necklace and presented it to you :))))