Saturday, June 27, 2009

Acrostic Elegy

I have returned to a recent topic inspired by the Acrostic suggestion from


Musical to the very enth degree!
Idolised by the people of his age.
Charismatic? Very certainly!
His albums were, undoubtedly, the rage!
As a child he suffered and it left him scarred.
Each beating somehow seared upon his brain.
Love came, but much of it was marred
Joy never lingered quite as long as pain.
Although we saw him moon-walk in our dreams
Cold morning showed a strangely mask-like face.
Kindness and sweetness, nothing more, it seems,
Soon ended in the dock and deep disgrace.
Only his picture for us to recall
Now that the music's ended for us all.


Savannah said...

The rule was to be creative, and you mastered that well. This touched my heart because it's so very true. Thank you so very much for this one. Thank you.

Margaret Gosden said...

But his music lives on! As will, 'We are the World'.

Winifred said...

That was very clever and poignant too.

Maggie said...

Michael had a talent which has never been matched...

I enjoyed reading this piece of work.

The Write Girl said...

Lovely Acrostic Rinkly Rhimes. You really chronicled Michael's life. I always enjoy reading your acrostic.

Kat said...

MJ has cut across the globe and touched everyone. A nice poem in remembrance.

Aayushi Mehta said...

A wonderful description of a talented artist and the truths of his life.

gautami tripathy said...

How I love his music. Will always do.

rosy mask

SandyCarlson said...

I remember when he was a child singing with his brothers on Wonderama. So full of fun back then. But whom did he become? So hard to say.

Tammie Lee said...

I enjoyed your poem, very much. It is a nice glimpse and more of MJ's life. I went to see the recent movie about the concert he was preparing him for. Somehow I felt as though we got a truer glimpse into him as a person/man. Not the 'news media' view. His talent endlessly impresses me.

gabrielle said...

He was a border crosser, riding his pain to push past cultural constructs. Brilliant, misunderstood. His music lives on. Thank you for this poem.

gabrielle said...

He was a border crosser, riding his pain to question cultural prescriptions. Complex. Brilliant. Misunderstood. His music lives on. Thanks for writing this.