Thursday, December 22, 2011

Xmas Bus

                                  From the local press


At Xmastime it is a plus
To take a ride on the Xmas bus.
This local driver makes it clear
She really loves this time of year.
What if there is no snow in sight,
What if the sun is hot and bright,
What if we've seen it all before,
What if we find it all a chore?
She'll keep on smiling, wearing red,
With Santa's hat upon her head.
The way she spreads her festive cheer
Makes it a great time of the year.



Do you recall a time when gifts were little things and cheap?
How Santa travelled light and saw you lying there asleep?
How a stocking was a stocking and it didn't weigh a tonne
And an orange in the toe was quite a prize that would be won?
How you woke up very early and sat up in your bed
With a thousand dreams of avarice circling in your head?
And how, in morning darkness, you felt that awkward bulge,
Which, in the coming daylight, something magic would divulge?
It might be a tiny dolly in a little knitted dress!
Oh that would bring the ultimate in childish happiness!
It might be a book of stories, just a tiny little book!
You couldn't wait for daylight! You just had to have a look!
You scrabbled round in darkness; the shape was hard, not soft,
Then guiltily you felt inside and held your gift aloft.
By feeling and by squinting you made your present out!
Why! Santa had excelled himself this year without a doubt!
It was a game of 'Tiddlywinks!' to play on Christmas Day!
You could practise in the morning! Mollee, too, could play!
Then you silently replaced the gift exactly as before,
And pretended to be fast asleep! Maybe you tried a snore!
A boxed game and an orange! Christmas promised bliss!
Do little children of today ever experience this?
Harry and Max came round yesterday, in high pre-Christmas spirits and romped in Malcolm's new (old) MG for a while. 


Tim said...

In common with many other people, I suspect, I don't usually comment on your posts, simply because a) there's nothing to be added to perfection and b) you're too damn prolific! :-}
But I just wanted to say have a great Christmas. Tim x

Kay L. Davies said...

Harry and Max are adorable, and the bus driver must be sweltering in that hat!