Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Lead-Up


We were asked to use the words in blue.


If, and this is my belief,
Christmas exists to bring relief
To the peasants who've laboured hard
To deliver the pudding and Xmas card,
Why is it all so terribly tiring,
Leaving us wilting and perspiring?
If it's all so very jolly,
Why this air of melancholy?
The festive season has a way
Of exhausting prior to Xmas Day.
The wrappings rumple, the candles drip,
And Auntie starts to lose her grip.
Next year I'm going to an hotel.......
Where I'll find everyone else as well!


A frill-necked lizard is quite cute,
But it's rarely seen in a Santa suit!
While little pups and little kittens
Decorate cards wearing fleecy mittens,
Santa hats and snow regalia
Not really suited to Australia!
Rabbits, even pigs are seen
Embellishing the Xmas scene.
But other creatures are deemed too lowly
To take part in something sweet and holy.
How about snakes? Is it too hard
To put one on your Xmas card?
Scorpions never take a part
In all the pretty Xmas art!
Jelly-fish too are quite ignored
On the Xmas card drawing-board!
To put things right please see above
A creature that you may not love.
I must say I grew quite excited
When this frill-neck's hat was sighted.
Give me, any day, a frill-necked lizard
(Preferable to a turkey gizzard!)

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