Thursday, December 15, 2011



(A practical haiku)

Preface every move
With a picture in your mind.
Success will be yours.

( Snow in England)

The voice on the telephone
Sounded a world away.
Which it was.
'I'm looking out at the Channel' he said.
'Everything is quiet.
The roads are closed.
Everything is still'.
And I could see it,
 Remember it,
Re-paint the picture in my mind.
Snow by the  English Channel.
The snow of my childhood.
Snow makes the dark light
And the light dark.
The sky is leaden and solid.
The world is light, airy
And not of this world.
The sea draws a grey line
Between the two.
But it is the stillness
That I remember most.
The utter muffling
Of all sound.
A white deafness.
An enchantment.
Maybe I shall never see snow again.
But I shall remember it,
Whenever I am still.
The Silly Season continues apace. I haven't always remembered my camera, so the Scrabble Party and Malcolm's Club party went unrecorded. But we did a little casual play at Figtree Nursing Home this-morning and here were are, lined-up, afterwards. I was merely going to announce, hence I'm not in the black that we usually wear. I have a yellow hard-hat on my head as I had to take the part of The Woodsman, after one of our party couldn't attend. What a fine body of women!

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