Saturday, December 10, 2011


we were actually asked to work with the word 'make'.

Six letters, six words, six syllables, six lines.

(An Acrostic)

Make a thing of great worth
And be so proud of it.
Know what it is to build
If you want to love it.
No toil is hard to take.
Give thought to all you make. 


Happiness is a butterfly
That is forever at arms length.
It flutters before me constantly.
I strive with all my strength
To capture it and pin it down
And make a triumphant claim;
To label it and study it
And give it a special name.
I'd feel so safe if I caught it!
I'd feel a golden glow,
Because I'd hunted-down the prize
And I'd never let it go.
But I just feel exhausted
By the never-ending chase
Which occupies me constantly,
At a fast and furious pace.
Whereas, if I sat beneath a tree
In a state of relaxed repose
That butterfly might flutter by
And settle on my nose.


kate said...

'give thought to all you make'
so true in these digital times
an important pause, a deep breath.

Kay L. Davies said...

The sculptor definitely seems to be giving this work a lot of thought.
Happiness happens, doesn't it? We can't chase it. Wise words, my friend!

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Melissa Camara Wilkins said...

Making, with thought and intention, is good for the soul.

I wonder about that butterfly, whether it would be nearly as satisfying if we could pin it down. Perhaps having to wait for it to alight upon us means we get to appreciate it in all its fluttering glory? Perhaps...