Friday, December 2, 2011

All Good Things

supplied the subject


'All good things come to an end'!
Could any thought be more dreary?
Say it and you suddenly find
That your'e sad, disheartened, weary.
But 'All good things have a beginning'....
Those are words of a different sort;
Suddenly your brain's diffused
With an optimistic thought.
If 'a thing' never has a beginning
It cannot continue on
So why should we be bemoaning
The day when it will be gone?
Yes, all good things come to an end;
All bad things end as well.
Why concentrate on death and decay
On the grave and the funeral knell?
Why make so much of the ending
When beginnings can be so great?
Why not wake up with hope in your heart
And cock a snook at Fate?


It's an optical illusion but your eyes are not aware
That the dips and swirls and sudden humps simply are not really there!
I couldn't walk acrosss this room without getting vertigo!
It seems as though some parts are high and others way down low.
I'd trip over my own feet and then sprawl across the ground
And other people would do the same as I would, I'll be bound.
Soon there would be a seething mass of people feeling ill!
Though some people might enjoy it I wouldn't get a thrill!