Monday, December 19, 2011

Here's To Health

asks us to write about HEALTH.

(An Acrostic)

Have a Happy Christmas
Eat and drink your fill
And thank your very good fortune if,
Luckily, you're not ill.
To wealth and status drink a toast,
Health is the thing that matters most.


The locals, who were born 'down here'
See nothing odd at this time of year,
In people deciding to sally forth
Dressed as though they lived up north!
Christmas originated, long ago,
In the lands of ice and snow.
The Roman festival 'Saturnalia'
Along with all its paraphernalia,
Was exported to defeated nations
Who happily joined the celebrations.
The festival came at the time of year
When winter was cold and bleak and drear;
A great big party went down well
When outside was a living hell.
Lots of debauchery and wine,
People getting out of line,
Made the peasants shout 'Hooray!'
Especially as Spring was on the way.
When Christianity arrived
The Saturnalia survived
Because the church just changed the name!
Folk had parties just the same
But they became less rude and wild
Because they involved the Holy Child.
People still ate and drank to excess,
Overcome with happiness,
And, don't forget, the wintry weather
Made them happy to flock together.
Now here, in Australia, in December
The weather's blistering hot, remember!
But still folk wade through gigantic meals!
Imagine how a surfer feels
Weighed down by turkey and plum pud!
I bet he doesn't feel too good.
But, never mind, it is TRADITION!
It's very odd......
The human condition!


Old Egg said...

It is always such a pleasure to read your rhymes. Your output is impressive yet you make it look as easy as turning on the tap.

Gwen said...

Loved both pieces. Thanks for some interesting information also:)

deborah - westlander poetry said...

wonderful writing -- especially loved the acrostic. Happy Christmas to you (and good health too!)


Anonymous said...

the evolution of a holiday...I enjoyed it!