Tuesday, December 6, 2011


supplied the illustration


Oh for the view of Patience Strong,
Who conjured up a verse
Every time things weren't too good
And looked like getting worse!
Her little homilies appeared
Almost daily in the press
When I was in my callow youth
And easy to impress.
What a sweet world she lived-in!
So gentle, so benign!
Here's her 'take' on this picture.
I'll follow it with mine.
Do clouds roll in? Is it bleak and cold?
Do you fear the way ahead?
Lift up your heart as you travel on;
Soon life will be bright instead.
Those clouds you see bear refreshing rain
That will make the flowers grow.
The gales that look to lie ahead
Will refresh you when they blow.
Each droplet of the stinging rain
Is reflecting the glorious light
That tells you the sun is in your heart.
Everything will turn out right!
                                           Patience Strong (sort of)

That blasted alarm didn't do it's job
And now I'm going to be late!
What! Storm clouds up ahead!
That's absolutely great!
That report must be on the boss's desk
Before he arrives at nine,
And now there's going to be a storm.
He'll get there first, the swine!
The wretched sun is in my eyes!
Just to make things worse!
Ouch! Some vehicle's overtaking me!
Hell's Teeth! It's a blasted hearse!
                                                    Brenda Bryant (definitely)
Take your pick. You choose the view
That you consider right or wrong.
I bet I'll be rejected
And you'll stick with Patience Strong!


A taxi-cab in Melbourne; nothing to goggle at.
A pleasant banana-yellow, nothing more.
Along with plenty of others, cruising the city streets;
All of them just the same, you may be sure.
But look at the name in white, up there on the taxi roof!
It doesn't make much sense, you must agree.
A 'silver top'? I don't see one! They were all of them the same!
Not one little gleam of silver could I see!
Why not a name that suited? Maybe 'Daffodil Brigade',
Or 'Sunshine Cruisers', that would sound quite mellow.
Even 'Banana Boys' would be a catchy little name;
Anything that reminded us of yellow.
Imagine being a stranger looking out to catch a cab
And you've been told to look for 'Silver Tops',
You've been standing waiting for hours and hours and hours!
And not one silver cab arrives and stops!
Did they run out of silver paint? Is that the explanation?
Or was it a little joke that we could share?
Or was it clever adverstising; a way to stay in our minds?
I only know it made this tourist stare.


Bubba said...

Cute visions of the weather and its effects on us, Brenda! Thanks for playing M.M.P.P. this week!

Dave King said...

I must confess that I'm not a Patience Strong addict, but almost your post persuades me, you certainly bring out her virtues and in an entertaining manner.

Kathe W. said...

wonderful=made me smile and giggle!