Thursday, December 8, 2011



'flag, might, passive'


What flag might you choose to prove that you are passive?
Surely nothing warlike, intimidating, massive!
If you are peaceful and always full of love
You could do worse than the emblem of a dove.


Once upon a time, in a great big wood,
A very little fir-tree stood.
All around the pines stretched high,
Almost up into the sky.
And, in between, were the middle-sized,
Whose pride just could not be disguised;
'We're just the right size for Christmas Trees,
We're green and pointy, sure to please;
Soon we'll end up in the local shops
And children will say we are the tops!'
And, sure enough, the very next day,
Men came and took those trees away.
The great big trees didn't seem to care;
They went on standing grandly there.
But the Little Fir Tree was broken-hearted,
Because the others had departed.
'I'm just no good to man nor beast!
No-one likes me in the least!
The terrible truth can't be disguised.....
I'm a tree that's undersized.'
Then voices rang through the forest glade
And what a welcome sound they made!
'Look for a small one, Daddy, do!
We've Xmas lights, but only a few!
We haven't any money to buy some more!
But Xmas is Xmas although we're poor!'
The Little Fir Tree stood still and straight!
It was going to happen! He could hardly wait!
And, sure enough, he heard the cries.....
'This one! This one! Its just the right size!'
And now it stands in a special spot
In a special room in a special pot,
Covered in lights and shining bright,
Ready and waiting for Xmas Night!

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