Saturday, December 3, 2011



supplied the picture


If thoughts of you drift through my fingers
There will be a pain that lingers.
As each grain falls to the ground
Little of comfort will be found.
I shall be left with an empty hand
And bitterness lying on the sand.
I'll walk on memories as I leave;
I'll hate, I'll love, I'll hurt, I'll grieve,
But if I purse my lips and blow
Thoughts of you will, flying, go
Off into the sunset sky,
Lost for ever.
And I wont cry.


Maybe I look fragile, being battered by the sea,
But everybody hopes there's still a lot of life in me.
For I'm the pier at Catho....that's Catherine Hill Bay.
(Australians always nick-name things in their own peculiar way!)
Catho was a miners town, in the days of long ago,
When life was very different, and the pace was much more slow.
The coal-ships used to leave from here; the pier was then essential,
But now the township's just a haven, quietly residential.
It's threatened, though! Developers have set their greedy sights
On this prime piece of coastline and they say they have their rights.
The way of life is threatened; a massive suburb looms,
Great mansions will no doubt arise with a thousand fancy rooms!

We hope the sun's not setting on our lovely Catho Bay!
We hope the desire for progress will let this one treasure stay!



Tarang Sinha said...

I really liked the fisrt one:)

Neha said...

It was very moving, Thank you:).. Somehow when I see any picture of sea and sand, it mostly invites me with rather sad, yet beautiful memories..

The Write Girl said...

Two beautiful poems. Your goodbye poem is poignant and heartfelt. So lovely!