Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pop Art



This sort of art is known as 'Pop';
It's pretty ancient now.
It was in in the 1950's
When Andy Warhol made a bow.
It was terribly unusual
When first it came to light;
Lots of duplication
And colours immensely bright.
We all know 'The Can of Soup'
And 'The Marilyn Monroe'.
They really caused a terrific stir
When first they went on show.
I can see they have shock value,
But I, being none too smart,
Cannot truly appreciate
That they are really art.
They have advertising impact,
That, of course, is true,
But surely they're just commercial!
(Am I shocking you?)
The flowers featured up above
Are reasonably nice,
Worthy of duplication once,
But do we need it twice?
If we need to be educated
To understand this art,
I prefer to remain, as now,
Ignorantly un-smart!



If I were a Millionaire........ I'm not, and more's the pity,
I wouldn't invest in buildings in the heart of any city.
I'd put millions into Hot Rocks, because I'm fascinated
By the endless possibilities that soon may be created.
If I were a Scientist.......... I'm not; I'm rather dim,
My chances of solving 'everything' would be extremely slim!
I'd concentrate on Hot Rocks, because it seems to me
That Hot Rocks will enable us to prevent calamity.
Way, way down and down and down, and way, way down some more
Hot rocks can be located and the energy that they store.
In very simple terms, it seems that pipes can be injected,
Then water poured down to the rocks and, when it's hot, collected.
When the boiling water's up again it will convert to steam,
Creating the pristine energy that is everybody's dream.
If I were a Millionaire Scientist I'd give all I was worth
To the people who're Hot-Rocking, the saviours of the earth.

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