Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Naughty But Nice


I have excellent taste! I truly do!
I merely show these things to you
Because you see, I, instinctively, know
That some of your standards are quite low!
I find these reindeer awfully rude!
I find their antics really crude.
In fact, I have to avert my eyes,
Because they make my hackles rise!
You, on the other hand, may be smiling
Thinking their actions are beguiling.
You may find their expressions quaint;
(I, on the other hand, feel quite faint.)
My blog is known for its high standard,
But I aim to be even-handed;
Sometimes I come down from the heights
To fill my blog with low-class sights.
You've no idea what it does to me....
To show a reindeer's crudity!


An old, old photo from a time long-gone
When I used to kid myself that I could act!
Twenty years have passed since I donned this gaudy garb.
And the years are surely showing, that's a fact!
Here I am in pantomime, grinning ear to ear,
With an awful lot of lipstick on my lips!
With the two Ugly Sisters, my daughters, (well, they're male),
And an awful lot of padding round my hips.
Yes, I was the Wicked Step-Mother, the play was 'Cinderella',
And there's not much else about it I remember!
But it's good to be glancing back sometimes to Christmases gone by
When once again we find that it's December.

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