Friday, December 9, 2011

The Coffee Shop

supplied the illustration


Great tragedies should be performed
On some of Life's great stages;
The Loves, the Losses and the Griefs,
The Passions and the Rages.
They should take place on stormy seas, 
Where the mood befits the scene;
They should be written of in books
Or flashed up on the screen.
The little local Coffee Shop
Is not the place for drama;
It hardly ranks as a setting
In theatre's panorama.
A little tragedy was ours;
'Goodbye' small word;
And then your shadow through the glass,
Leaving, distant, blurred.
But a broken heart is dramatic
Wherever it is broken;
And words can cut like vicious swords
Wherever the words are spoken.
I simply bowed my head and sat.....
The whole world turning grey,
Till the waitress, silently, arrived
And took my empty cup away.


Hail to thee, thou Vespa, with thy thrilling zoom,
Swooping down the city streets yelling out 'Make room!'
You sped right through my girlhood with your sophistication!
Riding one was the very height of juvenile elation!
Thy colours! And thy sleekness! The fact that thou wast cheap!
Thy honking horn designed to wake the whole world from its sleep!
Forget about old Mr Ford and his well-known Model T,
That little 'Italian job' was just the vehicle for me!
Hail to thee, thou Vespa, thou Prince among transporters!
Part of the folk-memory of the fifties' sons and daughters!

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