Friday, December 2, 2011


an adaptation

six letters, six words, six lines

(An Acrostic)

Truth in a small nut shell!
Real thoughts in a few words.
Used a lot by law men,
If not a lot by nerds.
Some words can say a lot;
Most of our words do not.


Once upon a time, not long ago,
The lands of heat and the lands of snow,
Were separated at Xmas Time
By more than just the seasonal clime.
America and my home of Oz
Were strangers, each to each, because
Without the wonderful internet,
Spaced-out inhabitants never met!
America was 'over there',
A long long way! We didn't share
A single thing! Maybe a card,
But sending that was rather hard,
Involving envelopes and such,
And so we rarely kept in touch.
Yet here am I, (look and you'll see),
Up there on Patty's Xmas Tree!
'It's a small world', Patty, that's oh so true!
Just look what the internet can do!


Anonymous said...

The internet does have a power to draw people together. Especially like minded individuals!!

Melissa Camara Wilkins said...

Hooray for the internet!

So true: most of our words are less than pithy! (Or anyway, I know many of mine are...)