Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

asks for a seasonal acrostic.

(A Chrissy 'Crostic)

Carols of the muzak type
Hilarity and lots of hype.
Reindeer ears on children's heads.
Iridescent greens and reds.
Trees of all sorts, mostly plastic.
Merrymaking getting drastic.
Aunts and uncles on their way.
Santa's picture in his sleigh.
Everybody in a tizzy.
Very tense and very busy.
Elves (they tell me) packing toys.
Eating, drinking, lots of noise.
Very excited girls and boys.
Either I am out of touch
Or, truly, it is all too much.
(In the kitchen I am slogging;
When I'd rather just be blogging!)


Faded ink and faded paper;
Faded words and faded dreams.
Names and faces half-forgotten;
Residues of shattered schemes.
Once it seemed recall would hurt me;
Bitterness would rule the day.
Once it seemed I'd hurt for ever,
Wishing memories away.
Did he deal with me unfairly?
Did I hate him for a while?
Now old age has smoothed the creases;
I can think of him and smile.

1 comment:

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

you are such a gem,

lovely acrostics.
well done.