Saturday, December 10, 2011


                                              Brenda Bryant


They're both 'afloat' on Sydney Harbour,
At ease in the sun;
One designed for culture
And one designed for fun.
But both of them owe their curving shape
To the curved waves of the sea.
And both of them look as though they're saying
'Hey there! Look at me!'


When I dabble in poetry,
Dip my toe in that thrilling sea,
The pickings are often very lean,
Verbal garbage..... know what I mean?
Sometimes utter trash appears,
Result of all my sweat and tears.
But, sometimes, there's a golden phrase
Which never ceases to amaze!
I fall on it with joyful cries!
(I doubt if this effort qualifies!)


Lois Evensen said...

Very nice.

I know that ship and her sisters well. ;)

Merisi said...

Beautiful poem and gorgeous images!