Saturday, December 3, 2011

Golden Gluttony

asks us to use the word 'golden'

(An Acrostic)

Get yourself a golden bar
Or drive in a shining golden car;
Lead is dull and iron rusts
Decide on gold to feed your lusts.
Every king and potentate
Needs some gold to prove he's great.


Here, in the dusty cupboards of my past
Lie all the many things I've never done!
And riding on a sled through falling snow
Is, as I reconsider, such a one.
I've never perched upon that fragile steed,
High on a hill, and, gazing down below,
Observed the frozen pathway I must ride,
And muttered 'Do I really want to go?'
I've never forced myself to push away
And, overcoming fears, greet gravity
By launching my frail craft upon its way
Into a world of bright felicity.
I've never felt the glittering rush of wind
Assaulting my red cheeks as down I fly!
I've never clung on over dip and bounce
And felt the world of others streaming by!
I've never yelled with joy at risk and speed!
I've never clung on with such desperate verve!
I've never felt that overwhelming thrill
As the elements assault each tingling nerve!
Nor have I landed in a chortling heap
Among my friends who're waiting at the base,
And basked in that great feeling of success
Which nothing on this earth can quite replace.
So, since, in some ways, I have been deprived,
Do I feel that Fate has been a mite unkind?
Ah no! Because you see I ride my sleds
Here, in my ever-sledding mind!

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