Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mob Rule


'mob, jettison, behave'


A crowd can become a mob, in the twinkling of an eye;
And a reasoned argument can become a violent cry.
A corporate brain takes over, as the banners wave;
People normally meek and mild riotously behave
As though compelled by circumstance to jettison all restraint.
The voice of reason, once so strong, becomes wavering and faint.
I could never demonstrate about anything, alas,
Because I fear humanity when involved in it en masse. 


Once we were governed by gentlemen with beards
Who exuded very noble gravitas.
That was in the days before everything Wiki-leaked
And descended into comically crass!
We were the Little People; what did we know of life?
We must be led by Specialists in the know;
Those venerable persons, who, of course, were always male;
From above came Wisdom to 'the rest' below.
And, oh, it was very comforting to feel that we were led
By Diplomats and others of renown!
To know that there were Teachers, Priests, Policemen and the Law
And, above them all, the glory of the Crown!
We grovelled and submitted  and admitted we were weak;
The unenlightened looking 'up' with awe!
'Behind closed doors' was not for us, the proletariat!
The bushy beards were all we really saw.
Now Wicked Mr Wiki has revealed the whole charade!
The blindfolds have been torn off all our eyes!
We find that we are ruled by Gossips, chattering away,
Not, as was once the case, the Strong and Wise!
Talk about 'feet of clay' my friends! Talk about 'hit and miss'!
Talk about 'them and us', my friends! What rot!
We thought we'd voted in the very noblest of souls,
And look at the load of rubbish that we got!
I gossip.... I admit it! I talk behind peoples' backs!
I like a little juicy bit of scandal!
But I thought They were different; a cut above the rest!
It's all a bit too much for me to handle!
Do I thank you, Mr Wiki, for opening my eyes?
Yes, I think I do; I have the right to know.
We're all just human beings, simply muddling-along
And that applies to the high as well as low.
No doubt the Bearded Gentlemen were as tainted in the past!
Maybe the world we knew was a mirage.
But at least we all felt SAFE then, and I'm damned if I do now!
I want some Bearded Gentlemen in charge!


Sheilagh Lee said...

LOL bearded gentlemen in charge like that makes them sensible.
Great poem

Tim said...

Fiery poem, and it made me laugh more than once, so thanks! But I don't trust any of them, bearded or not. Scum rises to the surface.

Mary said...

I'm not a fan of mobs either. Marched with one a long time ago in regard to Vietnam. I guess we all have to do something like this ONCE. I don't even like 'mobs' at places like concerts, a bit frightening to be swept along with the flow.

Altonian said...

Two really great pieces. Observant, witty, truthful, timely.
I wouldn't wish for too many beards though - just think about it!

MaryA said...

Thought provoking poem. It would be nice if we had people that understood what principles are and were able to lead by them.