Monday, December 12, 2011

Base Jump

The Wordle

asks us to use the 12 words in the Wordle


Of course, I'll never do it for derring-do is not for me;
I'm grounded and that's how I'm going to stay.
But the human mind can compensate for utter cowardice
And I am going to base-jump right away.
See how I stand on this building and grip the precipice;
Feel my heart beat with its terrified pulsations;
See me face the great enigma of elation mixed with fear;
See me feel the spasm of the mixed anticipations!
Now I gaze out at the elements and feel that I am one
With the spacious space that lies before me there!
And my rapid heartbeat throbs as my foot-hold is released
And launch myself into the icy air!
Now I'm aloft and flying! I am weightless! I am free!
The winds cut at my throat like broken glass!
The birds, the clouds, the sky itself are simply a swift blur
 As tumbling, whirling, rolling they all pass!
Now my parachute has opened; I drift down to the earth;
I am the master of the sky and air.
Mine is an experience that is daring and unique
Mine is a life that's dangerous and rare.
Except, of course, that it isn't! It's as humdrum as can be;
I exemplify great lack of motivation.
But, oh how very fortunate that cowards such as me
Can enjoy these things through their imagination!


The Choir was performing, as it often does,
At a Home for the Elderly.
(I view the places more closely now.....
My destiny, maybe!)
The ladies sat around in chairs,
Propped up or half-asleep;
One or two in dreamland pose,
In a slumber very deep.
 But others alert and smiling
As though their lives were fun,
Even though it was very obvious
That their race was nearly run.
And I saw this work of art as it hung
On a side wall on display;
Butterflies cut-out by the ladies,
Butterflies at play.
And I thought of the life of a butterfly,
Which is very, very short
And, as I sang, I brooded on
A certain little thought.......
May I still flutter my wings a bit,
Or at least have a damned good try!
May I enjoy my last brief days,
As a brave little butterfly!


Traci B said...

I enjoyed and identified with both poems - the desire to take a big risk that I'll probably never experience, and the longing to live fully regardless of how long my time on earth might be. Well done. :)

Cheryl said...

A very good and imaginative story using the words. Bravo!