Sunday, December 4, 2011


gave us the first line


A gal who was frequently prone
To talking too long on the phone
Found her ear had adhered
And it really looked weird,
People said 'We just don't like her tone.'

                         Brenda Bryant


Nothing was further from my thoughts
Than Jason and his Argonauts
But, suddenly, without a lot of warning,
Early on a summer morning
Their story sprang into my mind!
I saw these clouds with the sun behind
Surely that was the Golden Fleece
From the magical Ram of Ancient Greece!
I knew that I must set-out on a quest.
I felt that it would be life's greatest test.
And so I lay there and began
To make an Argonaut's master-plan;
But organising ships and stores
To journey to far-distant shores
Was harder than  going on a cruise!
So I just had another snooze.

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