Monday, December 26, 2011


The Wordle

asks us to use the words in the Wordle 

What can I do but toe the line?
The sentiments, after all, are fine.
As stories go it's pretty good
And I'd wax sincere if I only could.
That the Bible is history I don't doubt;
There's much that we can learn about.
But it also contains a myth or two,
Which may, or, then, may not, be true.
Without proof, that the Shepherds saw
A holy star and stood in awe,
I cannot write with certain verity.
My offering will lack sincerity.
But still, here goes! The wordle decrees
That I write verses such as these........
" The shepherds watched as their sheep were sleeping.
The moon was bright and the stars were peeping.
All was still, when, in a second,
A star blazed forth and an angel beckoned.
Sore afraid, they fell to their knees,
Waiting to hear some dread decrees.
Each heart beat fast as the heavenly stranger
Told of a baby and a manger.
Tidings were given of joy and peace,
And a world in which love would never cease.
The angel departed; they pondered long
On the message which had been clear and strong.
'We must find the baby' they all declared;
'This is a joy that must be shared.
We cannot hurt the King of Kings
By ignoring such miraculous things!'
They made haste to Bethlehem right away
And we sing about them to this day."
I cannot believe the story, sadly.
But I don't think that I did too badly.

Not me!


I evade impertinent questions regarding my obvious age,
But I have to admit that, in my youth, two things were all the rage!
One was the clinching leather belt, with the buckle on display.
The other was the wedge-heeled sandal; to be worn at work or play.
Some think the nineteen-fifties were as dull as dull can be,
But it seems that I remember them as a time of frivolity.
The terrible War was over, with all its great excesses,
And coupons were no longer needed for buying shoes and dresses.
We were blessed people; at least that's what I felt,
As I pranced about in my wedge-heels and my clinching leather belt!


Marianne said...

You've done a great job with the wordle words, Rinkly! You told that old familiar story in a bright and sprightly way!

flaubert said...

Nice Rinkly, and I find the story hard to believe myself.

Happy holidays!


vivinfrance said...

You did a great job with the wordle, especially as you are unconvinced.

I loved the 1950s fashions - narrow waists and sticky-out petticoats coincided with my first earnings, and they mostly went on clothes. I haven't much taken to fashions since then!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your visit to my wordle...I'm finally settling in for a quiet evening after the madness of the past three months, and want to get back to visiting my fellow bloggers. I appreciated your visit and comment.

I do so admire your ability to rhyme...