Monday, December 19, 2011

Robbie's Rhythm

                             SUNDAY MINI-CHALLENGE                        
asks us to use a Robert Burns rhythm


 When all the world is wise and wary,
And future days are dim and scary,
And everybody acts contrary,
Or so it seems,
Most people are a wee bit chary
Of trusting dreams.

But now it's time for celebration,
Not for serious dissertation,
Just happy joyful conversation
At Christmas time.
Just to reject anticipation
Would be a crime.

Just for a few days in December,
When this old year's a dying ember,
It behoves us to remember
That we've survived.
We soldiered-on right through November
And we've arrived.

Let bells ring out and choirs be singing!
Let trees be decked and bells be ringing!
Let revellers be present-bringing!
And let's all smile.
Into the bin all doubts be flinging......
Just for a while.

(From 2010)

It may be that I am brain-washed and I just don't know the facts;
It may be that I'm talking through my hat!
I'm very, very sceptical of all that's in the press,
And all the bite-sized news that's often chat.
But I hear of women suffering in silence, every day,
With the Taliban denying them their rights,
And, even if not all of it is absolutely true,
My heart aches at the thought of all such slights.
To treat a woman as an object is wicked and obscene;
Not to educate the girls is bigotry!
So even if its only half, or only a quarter true,
I'm sickened by this form of tyranny.
My fear is that our forces will abandon them too soon,
The women and the girls who wear the veil.
Of course, we want our soldiers to come, quickly, home again,
But if the women lose the world will fail.


Kerry O'Connor said...

I had no doubt that you would master this form in the twinkle of an eye. Such a jolly and positive piece - perfect for the season.

Kay L. Davies said...

Love your first poem, and completely understand your second one, as you know, Brenda. The last line is oh so very true.

Anonymous said...

just noticed that Kerry used the term twinkle of an eye for your comment, and i actually used that expression in my poem, but way before reading this. weird.