Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Summit



They walked and walked and walked until
They came to the top of the highest hill.
The shining sea of Byron Bay
Was far below and far away.
Then, as they rested for a while
Daddy called out 'Come on! Smile!'
Mummy said 'Not me! Not me!.
I'm all wind-blown; can't you see!'
Yellow Spring flowers were all around,
Scattered over the grassy ground.
Harry took off his yellow hat
And said 'Is it me you're looking at?'
Max was squinting in the sun
Saying 'Have you nearly done?'
 And that's when Daddy got
A really breezy holiday shot.

Simple Alphabet letter 'E'


There once was an elegant eagle
Who fell madly in love with a beagle.
When it came time to kiss
The dog said 'None of this!
I've a feeling this whole thing's illegal!'

I received this photo from an Australian friend of mine yesterday. Sue is married to a Canadian and they both live in this country. Bob was a considerable athlete in his own country some years ago; I think he may actually have been in the Olympics. Maybe one of my Canadian readers will recognise his name.....Bob Watson.

Sue wrote:
"Bob dressed as a mountie to assist the Healthy Living for Aged Care programme and they planned a trip to Canada for their elderly.  They had Canadian food, flags, Mountie, DVD about the Musical Ride by the RCMP and documentary on Canada etc. Very successful, Bob had a great time hamming it up and having photo taken apart from telling them about the formation of the Mounties and their work."

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