Friday, December 2, 2011

Shimmer Shot



In a window, shine and shimmer,
All heat-hazy and all glimmer.
Summer's suddenly arrived;
A chilly winter's been survived.
Mrs Photographer! Here's a warning!
When you look in the mirror in the morning
The back of your neck will be bright red!
And shouldn't a hat be on your head?
We'll have to watch out for the sun
From now until the summer's done.


In Australia, in the Springtime, there's most important date;
Daffodil Day is marked on every hand.
It's in aid of the Cancer Council and here's a helpful pair
Out collecting money at their special stand.
Daffodils are exotic plants, and so they don't grow wild,
But in gardens we may still see one or two.
But we like these artificial ones; they remind us of the Spring,
And the good that helpful folk like these can do.

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