Monday, December 5, 2011

Thank You


Today Fran's choir put on a show;
Woy Woy wasn't far to go.
We simply sped down on the train,
Afterwards speeding home again.
A play, and songs and lots to eat;
I tell you, it was quite some treat.
Fran has a Web Page, very slick;
So here are some photos she may pick
To publish for her many fans,
Advertising future plans,
And reminding one and all
To hear the choir and have a ball.

A little wiggle of the hips
As a tune escapes their lips.

Fran, I fear, looks rather tearful;
Actually, she was very cheerful.

Percy, the cook, whips up a storm;
His feelings for Milly are very warm!

Milly Poppins had, I feel,
A great deal too much sex appeal.

Sergeant Stamp is morals-free;
He's even involved in bigamy!

Proper choral stuff, right here;
Very soothing on the ear.

Here Pam Brown proves that she can count;
But not to a very high amount!

This dainty dancer set us clapping
When she did some nifty tapping.
Finally, once more I say
'Thank you for a lovely day'.

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