Friday, December 23, 2011

The Barest Minimum


Someone wrote it; someone sent it;
Poorly printed, without colour.
Compared with present-day garishness
Nothing ever could look duller.
Just the slightest hint of crimson;
Names of battles scrawled in haste.
Hardly worth a second viewing
Compared with present-day's vivid taste.
Not a single cherub on it;
Not a single leaf of holly;
Not a single exhoration
To be carefree, to be jolly.
Not a hint of Santa's sleigh-ride;
Not a hint of gifts galore;
Not a mention of the pudding,
The crackers, turkey and much more.
The barest minimum of wishes
On a card that's old and faded.
So why am I feeling disillusioned,
All washed-up and old and jaded?
Is it because this seems to be
A card full of




Something you've never had before!
A Christmas card from the First World War!
A Christmas card from the Camel Corps!
Happy Christmas!
This was a rabble of a brigade
Of Australian soldiers who made the grade
By being the toughest ever made!
Happy Christmas.
Chosen because they were rough and wild,
Easily roused and easily riled
(All the others were meek and mild)!
Happy Christmas!
The British were always on their guard
When the C.C. approached their barrack-yard,
Because controlling them was hard!
Happy Christmas!
Once they went in for a kill,
But found their hand-grenades were nil
So they just rolled boulders down the hill!
Happy Christmas!
It happened so very long ago,
But I thought I'd cut-out bells and snow
And send you a Camel Corps 'Hello!'
Happy Christmas!

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