Saturday, December 24, 2011

In The South


It's Christmas Eve already
In the Land of Upside-Down;
The children will soon be tucked in bed
For when Santa comes to town.
The air is warm and steamy,
Blossom-scented and benign,
And, in a sky of navy-blue
The stars have begun to shine.
When we wake up on Christmas Day
You will still be asleep
And maybe you'll have snow outside
All Christmas-cardy deep.
Such different worlds we live in...
We shivered when you were hot;
And now we're throwing off the sheets
And we're pretty sure you're not!
So my greetings go to England,
With this Aussie Christmas scene;
From south to north, from here to there
And all places in between.

To the tune of 'White Xmas!'
(Written last year, when the weather was more traditional!)

I'm dreaming of a bright Christmas,
Just like the ones we have each year,
With the bell-birds singing,
The beach-front swinging
And skies always blue and clear.
I'm dreaming of a bright Christmas,
With every Christmas card I write
'May your days be snowy and white,
But may all our Christmases be bright!'


Winifred said...

Well our weather is going to be wet, wild but definitely not white this year!

Have a wonderful Christmas Brenda and a happy & healthy year in 2012.

Kathe W. said...

Have a warm and Happy Christmas and as Stafford says "Here's to a year of co-operation"!