Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Duplicate Reflection



If a window had a voice,
And if a window could make a choice,
Which reflection would it choose
And which one would it gladly lose?
The one on the table's crisp and clear;
No soft and blurry edges here.
The one on the floor is somewhat dimmer;
More or less a misty glimmer.
Maybe, because the window's old
It prefers the one that's not too bold.
Little old ladies say it's right
That they look better by candle-light.
Yes, certainly, I have heard
That the old look better when slightly blurred.



A day of gloom, a gloomy day!
I knew all days would start that way,
Because the two of us had parted
And I was left so broken-hearted!
Shadows invaded all the room;
Even my pillow was stuffed with gloom.
Spider-webs clogged up my brain;
My mouth was tasting like a drain!
Grey and brown and sludge invaded!
The air was by whispy breaths pervaded!
I couldn't think, I couldn't speak!
At thirty I was old and weak!
And then, and then, and rang!
Out of bed like a dart I sprang!
I rushed to the window to survey
Not a gloomy, but a sunny day!
A breeze had sprung up and simply banished
All the gloom! The clouds had vanished!
White clouds scudded across the sky!
Skylarks were singing way up high!
The branches were dancing a habanera!
Everything was brighter clearer,
Including my mind which darted, tingled;
Thoughts of you with love were mingled!
Everything was wild and sweet!
There you were, coming down the street........


December is quite mad in Australia! Because the end of the calendar year is the end of the school year there is a non-stop round of concerts, presentations and parties. Unlike in other countries where Christmas stands alone at the end of Term One. Usually, all these celebrations take place in heatwave conditions. This year, however, we're experiencing the coldest December weather ever; you'll notice that, in the following photograph, most of us are rugged-up!

This shot shows a gathering of ladies of the VIEW club I joined recently. I don't go out at night much, but Malcolm belongs to a Car Club that meets and eats on 'the first Tuesday' so I decided to join some friends in VIEW, as the Club meets just round the corner from my house....literally. It is a club which exists solely for charitable purposes. Chiefly its aim is to support poor children through school, buying clothes, books, even food for children in need. It also helps the local Women's Refuge, by supplying cosmetics and baby clothes among other things. This was the gathering at the Xmas Dinner last night. As I'd already had a Xmas lunch with Malcolm's Ex-Servicemens' Club, I only ordered a Caesar salad, and I couldn't even finish that! I did tell you Xmas in Australia was mad!

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Scrappy Grams said...

love both the reflections and the rhyme! how creative of you!
first time here; came from James' site. now I'm a follower!