Thursday, December 29, 2011

Here It Comes!


Here it comes! Another New Year!
Well, we've survived the rest!
Most of us have muddled through
And seem to have passed the test.
Now we're not expecting miracles...
We've learned they don't occur....
But let's just hope for normality,
When normal things occur.
We don't want too many sudden shocks;
Our poor old nerves wont stand them!
But if they come let's merely hope
That we can understand them.
When Mother Nature runs amok
We're amost half-prepared,
Even if we're terrified
And miserable and scared.
But when Human Beings go berserk,
It's hard to comprehend.
Another Human Being
Should really be a friend.
So let us hope that, by year's end
We can light a little candle
And say 'Well, we had our problems
But they weren't too hot to handle!'


Of course it's egocentric! That we all admit.
But it's a pleasant pastime, so I don't mind a bit.
My Family think I'm dotty, my Friends could not care less,
And yet it gives me hours and hours of harmless happiness.
Once my poetry was private, not because I am shy,
But because nobody cared for it! That was the reason why!
But now I'm part of a great world-wide community of 'me',
Other like-minded poets who find Blogging sets them free;
Free to find an audience, a transient one it's true,
But a group of people in Cyberspace who write the way we do.
So a Bloggy New Year to all of us! Some people paint or jog
Or swim or sew or deep-sea-fish!
As for me

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Kat said...

Yes, to do what one likes... is a blessing.