Friday, December 23, 2011


asks us to attempt a classical haiku


A lone bird sings at dawn,
Heralding, with joy,
Another empty day.


So I wonder what IS Factor X that we hear so much about,
That certain 'something' that a star simply cannot do without?
Is it partly charm? But charm is soft, it creeps into the heart,
It hasn't got that zingy touch singers dramatise and shout.
Is it the same as Clara Bow's old 'IT' of times long past?
She was rather zany, dominating all the cast.
Is it just being different and daring to reveal
Too much of voice, too much of charm? And is it really real?
Is it just a gimmick?  Is it hitting on some ruse
Which will get one in the papers and also on the news?
Or is it that Charisma that undoubtedly exists,
Having nothing at all to do with 'show biz' or those publicists?
Charisma has always existed; every leader in history
Has had that extra something in his personality.
Or is it a case of the Public, being told 'This one has X';
She's got the voice, she's got the style, she clearly oozes sex!',
Saying 'Ah! yes! We see it! So she has! Let's scream and shout!'
Following along like sheep without a single twinge of doubt?
Sometimes 'The X Factor's real but not for everybody;
I've witnessed actors full of  'X' who I've found rather shoddy.
'X marks the spot' where 'X' is found but it's all too much for me.
(Now I'm off to watch that gorgeous man just discovered on T.V.!)


Morning said...

beautiful bird song.

Kay said...

Excellent song of the bird. I enjoyed this so much. Thank you!