Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Compatibility Check Three

Wow! I'm full of envy now! Your partnership's a glory!
Of all the tales in mating's books, yours’ is the Great Love Story!
Both spontaneous, full of life, bountiful, attractive!
Your sex lives will (how can I say?) be very, very active!
Gemini has a roving eye, but the body follows rarely,
And Gemini knows that Aries will react, if used unfairly!
Both of you love adventure. The great wide world awaits!
And best of all, though lovers, you can excel as mates.
You'll both thrive on an argument and each passionate conclusion!
Like two bolts of lightning, there will always be a fusion!
Intelligent, that's both of you; ingenious as can be;
Often rocking with laughter and wild hilarity.
Aries makes the decisions; Gemini lags behind,
But, in the end, it works out well, as you will always find.
You're intelligent, and popular! My goodness! You're the works!
But restlessness may haunt you both; dissatisfaction lurks.
You've got it all, and yet, you yearn for even greener grass.
Hang in there! As the years go by, those feelings will surely pass.
Keep hold of the friendship! That will see you through.
And how the world will envy
The old age of you two!

(Obviously nothing to do with the poem above!)

I knew we were over the hill, but I just didn't know how far
Till, one night, I looked at Eddie and recognised a star!
We hadn't made love for months and months, I thought we'd forgotten how,
But, suddenly, I got the urge and I knew the time was 'Now!'
He was busy reading the paper, his specs on the end of his nose;
I went and sat on the arm of his chair, in rather a sexy pose.
'Let's go upstairs, darling' I murmured in his ear.
I think I made my message unusually crystal clear!
Eddie looked rather startled at the idea of bedroom fun.
'Walk upstairs? Make love as well?....... I can only manage ONE!'


Maude Lynn said...

The Compatibility Check is so cool!

Kat said...

Eddie needs to shift to a ground floor apartment :-)))

chiccoreal said...

"with two bolts of lightening there always be a fusion" I'd say this is a hot relationship; stuck or not! Just thinking about fusion as was GRaham Hancock this week! What is with everyone thinking (almost everyone) at the SAME time! This calls for more Rinklyrimes! :)