Sunday, December 18, 2011



The words in blue are from Eric Clapton's song 'Let it grow'.


Every day we stand at the crossroads; every minute, every hour.
Some choices just don't matter much; some have enormous power.
If the point at which our roads cross is in front of the vegetable stall
And we choose swedes, not carrots, it doesn't matter at all.
But sometimes we change the course of life by choosing left or right;
We may even be making a vital choice between the dark and light!
Deciding to get married......there's a crossroads of import;
You're deciding on future people; will they live or come to nought?
Have a look at your children.....they were the result of whim!
You actually invented them when you chose that her or him!
It seems they were inevitable, exactly the way they are,
But every single one of us was born 'under a wandering star'!
Our friends? Those stalwart companions in whom we all rejoice
Are all the results of Crossroads; all the results of choice.
At some point you made a decision that's resulted in your present base;
Your friends would now be quite different if you'd chosen a different place.
And the tantalising thing is that however hard we try
We'll never know 'the others', whose lives just passed us by.
We'll never know  'Ben' or 'Alison' for we decided their fate;
And those friends, 'Ruby' and 'Alice' we'll never contemplate!
The power of The Crossroads is enormous in this way.
Are you 'standing at the crossroads' as you're reading this today?


If only we could all return
To that childhood era for which we yearn.
When magic pervaded everything
And who knew what 'the big man' would bring!
'I can't wait!' my son would say,
'Is it today? Is it  today?'
(Now he's a parent and worn down
By trips to shops in the busy town.)
Look at the picture drawn above;
Who knows what that stick-child's thinking of?
Is he placing a gift upon the tree
Or is he saying 'This one's for me!'
It doesn't matter! He's feeling bliss!
Could we but feel the same as this.
Look at the face, half-turned to smile
In a 'Mummy! Look at me" type style.
No hair, no ears, no Star that's shiny,
And even the Xmas Tree is tiny!
Caught in the moment! Utter perfection!
Oh we have only a slight connection
To how we felt in days of yore.
(I must rush! I'm off to the store!)


Whitesnake said...

Loved both of em!

Anonymous said...

it's true that all day we are faced with choices. often, we don't even notice because we have created habits and routines, so we don't have to choose to brush our teeth or do the dishes, or get dressed, we just do it. but all day are choices, and sometimes, we choose to meet new people and sometimes we don't.

Susie Clevenger said...

Nice work. Both great pieces!..I wrote my poem from the indecision we sometimes face at the crossroads

Mary said...

I liked both of your pieces...I think we never leave the crosswords. We always have choices: one way or another. (Visiting from "Carry on Tuesday"