Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Computing by Cloud


I wanted to know, but never did,
The meaning of words like Cloud and Grid.
Of course, I'm perfectly well aware 
Of the clouds that float up in the air
And a cattle-grid, without a doubt,
Is for keeping wayward cattle out.
But, today, my curiosity
Suddenly got the better of me,
I Googled 'Cloud' in Wikipedia;
Feeling the master of the media.
And now I know (which I never did).......
 It's akin to an electricity grid.
Electricity is simply 'there'
And we're completely unaware
Of anything other than a switch
Which usually works without a hitch.
The whys and wherefores, also the whence,
Need not worry the dull and dense.
It's 'out there somewhere' and we switch on;
Another switch and the power has gone!
Thus it is with 'The Cloud'; it floats 'out there'
And we can 'plug in' without a care.
No need to worry about the source;
The Cloud is a very potent force,
Providing every application
Without the added  complication
Of concerning our rather feeble minds
With technology of various kinds.
See the diagram up above
And you'll know what I am speaking of!
But how to get on it! Now there's the rub.
You're ignorant too? Well, join the club!


We are always travelling towards. 'The best is yet to be.'
Over the horizon lies a perfect shining sea;
Meadows of sweet grass await us just round the next bend;
Avenues of gracious trees stretching on without an end;
Not much further! There, for sure, we'll find the perfect beach!
Everything we long for..... always, always out of reach.
It's part of the human condition, to be pushing-on and striving;
We're always on our way 'there' and never quite arriving.
The little star-like weeds we pass in a rather boring by-way
Are nothing like the blossoms at the ending of our highway!
Next year! Next week! Not yet! But soon! Perfection keeps on beckoning!
And this new gadget that we want will deliver, that's our reckoning.
For sure our futures well may hold the finer and the grander
But let's roll this word around our lips.....
The lovely word

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