Friday, December 30, 2011


supplies the cover of this imaginary book.

Would this blurb encourage you to read it?

Sebastian Trollop
(Of the famous Trollop family)
Not your usual haunting!
Karl is a womaniser.
And proud of it.
The notches on his bed-post are many.
But he goes too far.
Alicia is purity personified.
She holds-out for marriage.
Early in this fascinating saga
A marriage is planned.
The bride's dress is white.
Pure white.
Karl ditches her at the altar.
Alicia kills herself.
Now the real drama begins.
Karl finds himself haunted by WHITE.
The colour follows him everywhere.
Read of his experiences in
The garden,
The betting-shop,
The cinema,
The hospital
And, finally,
In bed.
Most of all, in bed.
Every time he is haunted by white
He becomes weaker,
And nearer to death!
How will he be redeemed?
And who will redeem him?
You should be.

The Magimix Paint Company:A letter to the C.E.O; 'I feel very unwell and I put it all down to your white emulsion, which goes by the name of 'Ghostly Pallor'. You will be hearing from my solicitor. Signed: Karl Spiffington-Lewis


The well-known Australian reaction
Is called-for at this time.
Followed, as you'd expect from me,
By a little touch of rhyme.
Prince Philip has been outspoken,
Gruff and 'difficult' all his life,
Following a few steps behind
His charming royal wife.
He's been noted for saying the wrong thing,
And not obeying the rules,
Determined to be different
And never 'suffering fools.'
He may have had all the comforts;
Always pampered, never cold,
But he never was his own man,
And now it's too late; he's old.
The papers found it surprising
When he recently smiled and waved
On his way home from the hospital
Where his life had just been saved.
But I don't find it amazing
That he gloried in centre-stage;
At last crowds were cheering for him alone;
It had taken him till old age
To have his turn in the spotlight;
To be 'the one' for the day.
And he had to make the most of it,
Before it got away.
'Good on yer' Prince Philip,
The 'Greek God' of my youth.
Back then I was in love with you,
And that, old thing, is the truth.
You were wonderfully handsome,
Tall and blond and tanned.
No wonder the Princess adored you;
That was easy to understand.
Forget the man of ninety
Partly bald and marked by age!
It's the gorgeous hunk you see below
Who, for me, takes centre-stage.



Kay L. Davies said...

He really was handsome, wasn't he? I've always liked him.
Now, looking at his photo, I think young Prince William has something of his grandfather in him, but I can't quite decide what it is.
As for the book blurb you wrote from the flowers in my yard (I forget their name, but they're blossoms and turn into some kind of inedible fruit, I believe) you certainly have given your story a twist. I'd simply have to buy the book to find out what happens to the old roué.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Your blurb packs a punch...romance, won and lost...turning to horror as Karl becomes weaker and more pale. I am intrigued, indeed. And tickled, too, with Karl's letter to the CEO. :)

I agree with your assessment of the prince. He was so handsome!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Your book is great! That dude deserves whatever fate has in store for him. Funny that white seems to stick out like a sore thumb these days for him.

I love your tribute to Prince Phillip! He sure was handsome; and really is still lookin' good to me.

Happy New Year,

Kathy M.

Kim Lehnhoff said...

Karl's life of 'love 'em and leave 'em' has left him in quite a state!

Did someone from Alicia's family "see red" and alter the formula of the paint?

Can Karl redeem himself before it's too late?

Great job!

Grandma's Goulash said...

Haunted by white is an interesting premise. I'd love to know how or if Karl survives this.