Sunday, December 4, 2011

Share and Share Alike

asks for an aspect of our week


Time for a drink and a little snack
And Charlie, the resident Blue-Tongue's back!
He's been sleeping under our shed,
Appearing, in winter, to be dead.
But now our summer is in full swing
And so he's up and he's visiting.
Malcolm's cut-up a grape or two;
Right through summer that's what he'll do.
And Charlie's having a lovely feast.
He's not afraid of us in the least.
And we aren't the least bit afraid of him,
Even though, close-up , he looks grim.

He's like a miniature dinosaur,
With scaly back and scratching claw.
If he were, indeed, the size of a bus.
That would certainly terrify us!
But, as it is, we're quite prepared
To enjoy a little snack that's shared.


In a gaggle of geese, the geese all match;
That's the way of geese from the day they hatch!
In a herd of cows they all look the same,
Though each one may be known by its own pet name.
In a flock of pigeons they're all birds;
That's how it is with flocks and herds.
But a group of Protestors is variegated
Wherever it is congregated.
The tall, the short, the fat, the slim,
The old, the young, the her, the him!
To say ' a crowd' doesn't state the case;
And 'a mob' makes the motives seem rather base.
No, I choose 'A Simplicity' that's because
They are only united by a cause.
A 'Yes' or a 'No' to this or that
Expressed by the proletariat.
Individuals in the throng
May sing different versions of the song;
Motives may vary, and intentions
Re 'Iraq', 'Taxation', 'Pensions',
But all individuality fades
When Protestors are in Parades.
It's 'For' or 'Against', in black or white.
All very simple... 'Wrong' or 'Right'.
So when Protestors light a fuse
'A Simplicity'  is the phrase to use.


Jinksy said...

That blue tongue is certainly a sight to make the eyes goggle a bit! I wonder how far down his gullet the color continues? Does he have blue blood, too? Hehehe!

Susannah said...

I wasn't sure what creature to expect when I read blue tongue! But he is an impressive looking fellow! :-)

Love both your pieces of poetry too. Thanks very much for sharing with I Saw Sunday. Your picture makes my 'walk around the village' post seem very tame. :-)

vivinfrance said...

great rhyming. Love your blue tongue photo.

Anonymous said...

when i see lizards i think the same thing, that they are miniature dinosaurs

Sherry Blue Sky said...

That is quite a scary looking creature to be sharing habitat with! And I love the "simplicity of protestors". Cool!

Neha said...

What an interesting creature!! I had never seen a lizard with "blue" tongue. Nice poem :)

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

haunting illustration,
a great one to share.

WyomingDiva said...

Haha...thanks for the reminder about the Magic School Bus. Loved that show, even as an alleged adult.