Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mystery Globe



Was it simply nothing at all,
Or was it a Witch's crystal ball?
It was in the library on the ship
On which I was taking a little trip.
It stood in the centre of the room
Reflecting sunshine, reflecting gloom.
I paused and looked at it, full of doubt,
And never really worked it out.
It looked a bit maritime on display,
Sort of space-shippy in a way.
I suppose it was just an ornament
With no particular intent.
But see the puzzling reflections
Gathered from various directions!
The more you look, the more you see;
Even the


He played a ukulele and he cracked improper jokes;
He was one of those cabaret artists that appear as knockabout blokes.
I doubt if his name is even known outside his own U.K.
But there he was a top-notch star, a household name, in his day.
He trained to be a jockey but then he grew too tall,
So he followed his father on the stage, as a comic, after all.
His buck-teeth were a trade-mark; he had a very toothy grin,
And his voice was not melodious; it would seem he couldn't win.
But the public took him to their hearts and he topped many a bill,
Singing rather suggestive songs and  singing them with a will.
'When I'm Cleaning Windows' was a favourite with the throng;
He sang about the 'sights' he saw in this silly little song.
'Leaning on a Lampost' was another famous ditty;
Not so suggestive this time and really rather pretty.
Hollywood beckoned in the war, but he turned the offer down,
Preferring to sing for British troops and support the British crown.
He appeared as rather an idiot and yet he was very astute;
Amassing a lot of money and property to boot.
Outside his own country he had only limited fame,
But his voice was part of my childhood.
George Formby was his name.

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McdsM said...

J'aime beaucoup votre coup d'oeil !