Sunday, December 4, 2011


The words in blue are the the first words
 of the Edward Kofi Lewis poem 'Dark Winter Blues'


The darkness of winter has gathered around me;
Hobgoblins and shadows have moved in and found me.
The icicles forming around my poor soul
Are freezing my spirit and taking their toll.
Dank thoughts rise and flourish whenever I think;
A chasm is yawning and I'm on the brink.
Foul fingers of misery claw through my hair;
I'm weighted with woe and worn down with despair.
In dreams I see visions too awful to name
And, waking, the real world is looking the same.
Of what use is life if I'm feeling this way?
There's no doubt I'm having a very bad day!


Cross out! Erase each awkward phase!
Each careless word! Each stupid phrase!
Banish for ever each worthless thought!
Block-out the blips of every sort!
Nullify each bad memory,
Slip of the tongue and banality!
Forget each silly painful scene!
Wipe the past completely clean!
See a life come into view
Pristine, noble, wise and true!
You'll find a life that's very fine!
But, certainly, it wasn't mine!


Janet Martin said...

a--w-w-w! My Grandmother used to say...go to sleep. It always looks better in the morning! I immediately needed to ee where you live when I read your comment! I wish for darkness of summer, and I WISH I could see Australia! It is the farthest point in the world from us, they say. Enjoy the storm. I enjoyed your poetic misery;))

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

sad on the first one,

playfully creative on the second one.

Well done,

Anonymous said...

So sad, misery is prevalent in both awakening hours as well as sleeping ones ... one needs a reprieve!

Neinei said...

this poem resonates in me... I can feel the worries especially in the four last lines... thanks for sharing... :)

Whitesnake said...

There is no darkness in winter!